Nintendo 3DS Friend Codes

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Friend Codes

If you're not on this list, let us know in the forums!

 Name Friend Code QR Code
 EXAMPLE(below) Should be 12 digits post picture to QRcodes section\we will update 
 Reggie Fils-aime


(not real)

Reggie mii 
 antiform47 *Old Admin*  
Fang mii
 Mac (pyrodon)  
 Mario Fan 123  
 Mario vs Sonic  
 sammy c  
 *no picture: but news! I'll be updating this slowly 

The 3DS will be available in 18/20. Try to post your universal friend code here once you have picked up yours. ~MeaningOfLife

Whats a QR code?

If you don't yet know, a QR code is a code generated after making a Mii on the 3DS. Once you upload it to your computer you can post it anywhere for people to see! This will enable them to take a picture of the code with the 3DS Camera which will import the Mii.

*You may need to print out the page for the QR code to work*


When the 3DS releases, this page will have weekly contests testing your Mii making skills. simaler to the Check Mii Out Channel on the Wii. Its also an efficient way to gather Miis! An easy QR code posting section will be released soon.